We are a trading company,  specialized in the design and  manufacture  of  knitting  yarn, knitted goods,  knitting needles and craft products.
We has fastest response power for new markets and new products.
We are servicing clients and tracking order producing situation  , in order to delivery order timely and avoiding any possible mistaken during intermediate action.
Our working team has different division of labour:
Marketing department :
Business department :
Documents & finance and administration , e business sections..etc
all are doing all best to cooperate with marketing and business department to start their jobs .

And specially , we has quality control section. Which will supervise all orders from premass production , during production. And after production.

We produce and distribute high quality products to clients in the Japan,USA, the UK and Europe.

TOWAY: more than 15 years  experiences in knitting yarn filed and hand craft products!
TOWAY: well known as one of the most creative company in knitting yarn and hand craft products' field/
TOWAY:  reliable business partner!